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## Dickens Road, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal
17 February 2016 at 10:00 - Reported by Keemu
A black male, approx 6 ft, camo cap, blue jacket with two white stripes began calling for attention outside my home. By the time I got out the house he was walking up my road. I then watched him break line of sight. Then got in my car to confront him at the top of the road. I questioned him as to his intentions, or if he needed assistance. To which he replied he was begging for food or financial aid. This story did not check out, as he made no attempt at any of the other houses on the road. I called him on his bullshit and drove off. He was decidedly nervous during the confrontation. I then made a lap around the block to see if he was in fact begging door to door -which he was not. I then returned home, but could not help the nagging suspicion that he was up to no good. I then drove around the neighborhood and found him again off the main road.

Then last evening around midnight my dog was going berserk. Which is out of character.

This afternoon on my way home from work I saw the same man ambling around on the intersection of the main road and my road accompanied by another man. I did a lap around the block and noticed he had changed direction. I then found a suspicious package from a tile manufacturer which seemed a little off, like a mark to see if residents are home. I then parked my car and began walking up the road to see if any of the marketing material was in any other driveway which drew a blank. Then I saw the same man walking down an adjacent road. I followed him at a distance to what is presumably his residence on Firwood sports grounds. I believe we are being sized up for a burglary. My house keeper also noted that she had seen a man of similar description attempting to jump the fence of our neighbors, until he became aware of her presence. Please advise.
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