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## 168 Kings Rd, Brooklyn, Cape Town, Western Cape
27 May 2016 at Unknown Time - Reported by Anonymous
the number of robberies has increased. there are two men and a woman who stay at this cottage they don't work and spend the day drinking and scanning our activities. at night they go out and come back with black bags and sometimes books at around 2am in a blue madza car registration cfr 16128. i have spoken to the land lord and queried their movements and she advised she has also been robbed and was left without a choice but to evict them. they are all illegal immigrates from Zimbabwe and have no legal status in south Africa. please can you follow up asap. i did manage to get a number from the guy who calls him self spencer 0845201393 after pretending to be interested in buying the car.
they do not have paperwork the car and i suspect the car wa stolen.
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