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Incident #8232
Residential robbery


## Morningside, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, Eastern Cape
17 November 2016 at Unknown Time - Reported by Anonymous
An 85 year old woman was tied up and beaten in the Morningside area between 21H30 and 02H00 last night. 4 Nigerian males entered her home, tied her up and beat her. They ransacked her home and called on another suspect to deliver an angle grinder to open her safe from which they took jewelry. The lady managed to free herself when her attackers left and called for help.
Should these suspects read this post - I pray you meet with the worst fate possible - an 85 year old woman could not harm you - WHY HURT HER??? WHY TAKE HER POSSESSIONS??? Go back to your homeland and go rob and attack people there. Leave people in this country alone! You are the scum of the earth!! Please note by saying this - I am in no way referring to the people of Nigeria - merely the ones who were such cowards and attacked, and robbed this woman!
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