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## Germiston, Gauteng, Gauteng
28 February 2017 at 12:15 - Reported by MayMay61
I paid her money for a wig of which she asked me to give her back as she said she still needs to fix it. Its been a long time now. When I phoned to ask her for it last time, she told me she would bring it . bit never brought it back. So I asked her for my money back and she told me she wont give it to me back and I can go to the police to report her she doesnt care and is not afraid. Right now she is working at this salon called Magic Stylz in Golden Walk Mall, Germiston which shocks me because I know her as an illegal foreigner from Zimbabwe (like her husband) with no valid work permit. Apparently they paid money at the border in the form of bribe to get in the country.


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