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Incident #8257
Residential burglary


## 61 15th Avenue, Edenvale, Gauteng
14 March 2017 at 12:00 - Reported by Hibbert
Brutal house robbery attack on 2 elderly residents. About R150 cash and two cell phones taken. Neighbours heard wife screaming called SAPS. Two young black males involved. Wife had to be taken to hospital for laceration above eyes. Husband tied up with cell phone charer chords. Kiceked and rib cracked. Reponse by Mamba disappointing slow took reaction unit over 6 minutes to travel from Edenvale post office to residence a distance of less than 2 km. Residents badly traumatised and shocked. SAP attendance good but do not seem to be able to cope with the heavy crime workload. Thanks to neighbours who rushed to help and suport us as we have no relatives. special thank to Vaughn for his excepetional post traumatic debriefing and help
Source: Reprted by Hibbert...
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