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Business burglary


## Big Daddy's Food Wilsonia, Kimberley Road, East London, Eastern Cape
19 April 2017 at 04:00 - Reported by Anonymous
East London police are looking for five heavily-armed men who broke into Big Daddy’s liquor store in Kimberley Road in North End this morning and made off with tens of thousands worth of stock and cash.

The crack of dawn heist and kidnapping happened in the early hours of this morning at 4am. The men disarmed a security guard and overpowered the store manager before tying them up and held them hostage while looting business takings and stock.

According to the East London police and Hartwig and Henderson private security company, the men disarmed a security guard and held him hostage together with the store’s manager. The store manager had responded to the guard who called him from the premises after the alarm went off.

Big Daddy’s Liquor store is owned by the Preston liquor group. The store doubles as a warehouse for all Preston outlets in East London.

Warrant Officer Hazel Mqala said: “The business manager received a call and responded to an alarm that went off at the bottlestore after receiving a call from Hartwig and Henderson security. Inside the store they were approached by five disguised unknown men carrying firearms.”

The two were tied up with cable ties and held hostage for hours while the armed robbers helped themselves to stock and cash in the store and from victims. The guard’s firearm was also taken by the robbers.

Mqala said no shots were fired and nobody injured during the incident. “They [victims] managed to loosen themselves and report the matter to the police.”

The suspects are still at large. Ross Hartwig business manager at Hartwig and Henderson, confirmed his guard was held but declined to comment stating that Preston, who are their clients, did not want the matter be publicised.
Source: East London police are looking for five heavily-armed men who broke into Big Daddy’s liquor store ...
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