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Incident #8290
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## Pluto Road, Ennerdale, Gauteng
24 June 2017 at 19:35 - Reported by Anonymous
Our neighbours in our street are selling drugs from their house at 56 Pluto Street. We as the community are at our whits end we have been phonong the Police none stop but every time the police gets there they find absolutely nothing 2 minutes later the cars starts pulling up again. The Father Frampton Pailman has admitted to his sons Ceasare and Chesslynn Pailman selling drugs but said that they are inncocent until proven guilty. We as the community do know what we can do as we have been to the drug house to confront the father and he said that he will not stop his children from selling their drugs. He also threatened to burn down the house of one of the neighbours who attended the community meeting.
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