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## 45 Leo Crescent, De Aar, Northern Cape
10 October 2017 at Unknown Time - Reported by Anonymous
HiI reported a fake marriage between Alvaro José Liquito Cordeiro,Identity number 8206195240085 and Isabel Ferreira.He is on social networks looking for girlfriends wherever he is working.He brought this woman from Portugal to South Africa as his wife.Currently he is living and working in De Aar, Northern Cape while the wife stays in Port Elizabeth.He has applied for a protection order against his girlfriend,Chanelle Louw in De Aar.An affidavit in which he admits to their affair can be found at De Aar magistrate court.In De Aar he is living at 45 Leo crescent, De Aar, 7000.The wife can be found at Mecwind Alternative Energy Pty Ltd.The Address: Bluewater Beach, Port Elizabeth, 6210.Phone: 076 117 1641.Her paperwork was done in Pretoria and it stated she isn't allowed to work in South Africa.When in fact she came here to work,so the plan didnt work out.He was told to write a letter for her to stay here which had to include 3 words,of which o forgot the third. That he would take care of her emotionally,financially and the third word.Financially his mother has been taking responsibility for her since she arrived in RSA. She lives with her and lives off her.And as far her emotional well-being I don't know who's taking care of that.The so-called husband has a girlfriend and a child with him where he lives.Legally,on paper she is his wife but when it comes to living out a marriage he isn't doing what a husband should.I would like to inform you that after the investigation by Dept of Home Affairs Alvaro José Liquito Cordeiro  (ID number8206195240085)took his "wife " Isabel Ferreira back to Portugal on 23 August 2017.He and the company he works for are also being investigated for by the traffic department. He resumed his south African citizenship but is going to collect Portuguese drivers license.Mecwind Alternative Energy's has knowingly been allowing him to drive across country without a drivers license.Proper investigations must be done for all.I find that different immigrants get different treatment.If its a pakistani or bangladesh marriage then dept is fast to question the marriage.But now since its a rich portuguese marriage its legal even when evidence of deceit is provided.Isabel Ferreira has no commitments in Port Elizabeth like a job that makes her stay there.Her daughter is 3years old and attends a creche which is not even a valid reason to stay in PE.His brother travels to wherever in RSA with his girlfriend so why can't Alvaro take his "wife"?The department of home affairs in PE was told about this first and they did a quick investigation. Almost just brushing it off and telling me to get more proof.Its only when I reported it to the minister of home affairs was another investigation done.Regards,Anika Joubert
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