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Incident #8324
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## Johannesburg, North-West
30 November 2017 at Unknown Time - Reported by Avenger
STEVEN CADWELL (ID 691016 5227 08 7)

This unscrupulous individual stole in excess of R150k from us, causing our family sheer heartache and devastation.

In a supposed business opportunity / venture advertised by this man, we believed his slick and manipulative strategy in order to ensure (along with hard work) what we thought would be the longterm wellbeing of our family. We misguidedly placed our trust and the only bit of money we sacrificed so much for, in a man who turned out to be our family's worst nightmare.

After posting warnings like this one, he suddenly contacted us after breaking all contact - and vowed to make monthly repayments if I had all the posts removed. Having nothing left to lose, I upheld my end of the arrangement and once again, this venomous scoundrel disappeared without conscience.

Avoid him at all costs. He will steal your last cent and take the food from the mouths of your children, as he did ours - with no remorse.

All documentation is available to substantiate the above.
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