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Incident #8331
Residential burglary


## Chilvers Street, Bedfordview, Germiston, Gauteng
12 March 2018 at Unknown Time - Reported by Bedfordview
I went out for a braai at friends tonight and came home shortly before midnight. In Sugarbush Rd in Morninghill I saw SAPS and CMS with a suspect in custody, as the Uber driver slowed down I recognized some of my personal items on the ground.
I jumped out the Uber and identified myself to the Policemen and CMS Officers.
They accompanied me to my home in Chilvers Rd where we found my residence ransacked and my clothes, personal items and even my bathroom bag packed up ready to transport by the perimeter wall.
Sergeant Melato and Constable Msiza were absolutely professional, friendly and helpful in their duties of arresting the suspect and taking my statement and logging, then returning my stolen items.
They are a credit to the SAPS and absolute super stars, I’m glad they are keeping us safe at night while we sleep. These ladies and gents in blue are amazing.
A special mention to Hennie the CMS supervisor and his reaction officers who caught the suspect red handed. The suspect was armed with a knife and a pair of scissors, they put their own personal safety at risk tackling the suspect and retrieving my possessions. These guys are heroes and we don’t realize how much they risk in terms of their personal safety looking after us. Yes it’s their job but they really go the extra mile and could get seriously hurt in the process. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
Stay vigilant out there everyone.
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