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Incident #8407
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## Constantia Park, Pretoria, 0010, Gauteng
19 May 2019 at 18:15 - Reported by Anonymous
I was on my evening jog along January Masilela and as I was jogging I turned into Durvenoy and I jogged further down passing Liken street on the right side of the road and as I approached Alken street a taxi passed going up Duvernoy street, opposite way, as I was jogging down Duvernoy street. I had earphones plugged into my ears and suddenly I noticed a guy sprinting away from some lady who was standing at the corner of Duvernoy and Alken street. I immediately removed my earphones and I heard the woman screaming saying the guy sprinting away from her had grabbed her phone. I ran to where the lady was and I asked her to explain what happened. She said the guy pulled out a knife and threatened her asking for her phone and handbag. She said he managed to grab the phone only but he also wanted her handbag. I tried to chase after the guy but I could not catch him and the lady was following behind me. She was crying and she was so terrified. She explained to me that he followed her from the corner of Garsfontein street and Isie Smuts street and just took advantage of the spot at corner Durvenoy and Alken street. She was so terrified to go home and I had to offer her a lift. I walked with her to the Total garage and advised her to wait there . I jogged home to get the car and came to fetch her by the garage (total) to drive her home. She was still crying and looked very terrified. She said she suspects the homeless people and the guy was wearing a jacket. This happened approximately between 6:00pm and 7:00pm on Sunday, the 19th of May 2019.
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