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Incident #8417
Farm Attack - Plaas Aanval


## Louis Trichardt, Limpopo
05 June 2019 at Unknown Time - Reported by Farm Attacks
Victim heard footsteps in the house and was confronted by two attackers armed with a knife. Victim’s arms and legs were cut and he was hit over the head with a blunt object. Cash stolen. SAPS was on scene, no arrests.
Source: https://twitter.com/IanCameron23/status/1136535804384354305...

Farm Attacks

The National Priority Committee for Rural Safety defines a Farm Attack as follows: Acts of violence against farms and smallholdings are those acts aimed at any person or persons living on, working at or visiting farms or smallholdings with the intent to either murder, rape, rob or otherwise inflict bodily harm or to intimidate. It is important to note that cases of domestic violence and/or crimes caused by a dispute between family and/or friends are not included in the definition of a farm attac... 1 Members
Updated 8 June 2019
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